Personal Development Coaching 

"I only needed couple of sessions with Fiona hoping to address some anxiety/stress issues. 

She was very calm and professional showing empathy, understanding and awareness. The sessions were held in a tranquil room, nothing was rushed and I was made to feel comfortable. I am taking the ideas she gave me on board to help me in my daily life. Thank you. "


 Educational Coaching

"Pursuing a postgraduate degree is already a challenge and when you add distance learning it becomes a daunting endeavour. Managing time zones, access to resources and supervisors can have a serious impact on data and deadlines. Fiona’s understanding of education and human development theories paired with her critical editorial eye pushed my research and writing to new levels. With pragmatic ideas, focused feedback and impeccable timing her coaching enabled me to bridge the divide and achieve with merit. I am moving into the dissertation phase of my work with a new-found confidence and look forward to working with Fiona as I sharpen my thinking and complete my degree."

Andrea Neubauer,  Educational Doctoral Student University of Bath


"I visited Fiona in her studio at around a particularly stressful few months in my life and had been recommended by family and friends to try some kind of relaxation classes.

I had no idea what to expect from Reiki when I met Fiona and was a bit anxious and unsure about the whole process as I had rarely allowed myself to think about my own needs and to take a bit of time out - as we women often do.  However straight away Fiona made me feel relaxed as she explained the process and how the session would be structured.

As I lay on the treatment table my slight nervousness shifted quite naturally as the session proceeded.  I found the heat transfer from the gentle laying on of hands on my head and on various locations on the front and back of my torso was very comforting. One hour later I 'came around' feeling very serene, refreshed and lightheaded.

I will certainly be back for further sessions! Thank you, Fiona."


Wellness & Personal Development Coaching

"It was lovely meeting you today, and I’m feeling empowered and motivated since I left you.

You have a very open, safe presence which leans itself to allowing me to share. Your questions were very powerful and thought provoking and by asking the same question in different ways it allowed me to really come to terms with what I was saying. You shared just enough about yourself to allow me to feel a connection. You gave me time and space to explore and get to the end of my thoughts.

I really enjoyed the session, and have some thinking to do."



"Fiona has a real gift for Reiki. I entered feeling stressed and tired and left an hour later feeling utterly relaxed and spent the rest of the evening floating on air. Fiona creates an enabling environment that allows this relaxation to happen. I was also struck by the heat transfer that takes place from having hands gently resting on limbs and the peace this creates. I'd highly recommend Fiona and will be back."


Wellness & Personal Development Coaching

"Fiona has been able to review my food and drink intake and find small and yet significant ways to improve both. A few minor changes have made enormous differences to my personal health. In addition to the nutrition advice Fiona was able to identify some lifestyle changes, encourage me to take the small steps and reap the rewards of improved mood, social involvement and the motivation to look for new employment enthusiastically.

The time I spent working directly with Fiona and with my nutrition and activities has helped me to feel more confident and be healthier. I aim to build on these improvements by continuing to follow her advice. The smallest steps are sometimes hard to take, especially when it is personal. Fiona provided the knowledge and support that I needed to see what I could do and then take those steps myself."


Wellness & Personal Development Coaching

"I met Fiona when I was at a crossroads in my life. Both boys were at University and a husband who sometimes travels. Fiona was very thorough in everything she did. The screening and questionnaires were easy to complete but at the same detailed and thorough. Fiona made it easy to make small changes, which would make a big impact. This included changes to improve my nutrition and life style. Everything was agreed and discussed and made clear, and those small steps will become bigger steps. All of this took place in a friendly and calm atmosphere."