Place des Vosges

I was thrilled to accept two good fortunes and, on the same day too; they were simple pleasures that demanded nothing in return from me apart from positive, enthusiastic energy. The offers were from 2 different friends: a) “let’s each arm ourselves with a camera and wander through the streets of Paris,” and coincidentally, b) “I have a fabulous camera sat at home, would you like to borrow it to see what you think?” Yes please! To both… Thank you!

We wandered about the Marais and spent time at Place des Vosges, built by Henry IV in the early 1600’s and was the first planned and perfectly symmetrical square in Paris. Originally, this was the Place Royale with its name dating from the Napoleonic Wars when the department of Vosges in the east of France became the first region to pay fundraising war taxes. Vosges was one of the original 83 departments that were created in 1790, during the French Revolution and is home to the village of Domrémy, the birthplace of Joan of Arc.

Discover Maison de Victor Hugo, the house where he lived for 16 years and now is a museum, dramatic red brick buildings, vaulted ceilinged arcades, art galleries, cafés and restaurants; there is much to see and enjoy…